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Eclipse HD2 Dart Board


The Eclipse HD2 Dartboard It is a championship quality, bristle Dartboard that features a staple-free construction and ultra-slim wires. This increases the playing area, helping to maximise averages and minimise bounce-outs.


UltraSlim Plated Steel Wire


  • No external legs for high definition radial spider
  • Lasts longer and doesn't rust
  • 30% thinner than conventional round wire boards
  • Increased target area, especially in the doubles and trebles
  • Designed to maximise averages
  • Plastic Number Ring, meaning the numbers can be easily replaced

Staple Free Construction

  • Designed to maximise playing area and increase scoring potential
  • Helps to reduce bounce-outs

Slimmer Bullseye

  • Increases playing area by 14%

Matt Black Number Ring

  • Improved focus on scoring area by minimising distractions
  • Fully adjustable number ring - rotate regularly to even out worn areas
  • High visibility, injection moulded numbers