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Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!
Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!

Pool Table Moving Service

Moving Your Pool Table

Chesapeake Billiards provides pool table moving all over  Maryland, Virginia, and DC not only Baltimore. Please keep up in mind as we are always the most competitively priced pool table service company.


Some may think moving a pool table is as simple as taking off the legs are carrying it out the door. A pool table typically weights 600-900 lbs. Moving the table like this can damage crucial components of your pool table. We disassemble every single pool table we move, it is truly the only way to safely and securely move your pool table without incident.

A typical pool table move goes something like this;

1. Arrive at the pickup location fully disassemble the rail section and blanket wrap them.

2. Carefully remove each section of slate to your pool table and load each piece into our cargo van.

3. Unbolt the legs from the frame and load the rest of your pool table.

When we arrive to the drop off location we will consult with you on the best location to properly install your pool table so that you have the best playability all around the table.

4. Assemble and level the frame of your pool table.

5. Install and level the slate of your pool table, we glue the seams of the slate in two sections then finish it off with a thin layer of bees wax to make a seamless effect across all three sections of slate.

6. We then stretch your existing cloth of the slate bed and install the rails back to the surface of the slate.

7. Once last level check and you are ready to shoot pool on your new pool table.


What is Involved With Moving My Pool Table? 

Moving a pool table is in no way an easy task. If you search the internet for advice you will get all kinds of advice from using dollies, getting friends to help pick it up, to even going above and beyond what is actually necessary as shown in the video below.

Moving a pool table involved many steps, which can be tedious to even the most handy people out there. Sometimes we make it look very easy, however, we work with pool tables every single day. We have worked on every brand out there including Brunswick, Olhausen, AMF, American Heritage, Presidential Billiards, Legacy Billiards, Imperial, Spencer Marston, and everything in between.

When we come out to your home to begin disassembly of your pool table we will first check to verify there are not any broken, cracked, or terribly marred pieces to your pool table. We will then thoroughly and fully disassemble and remove your pool table from it's original location.

When we arrive to the pool table final location we will fully reassemble your pool table with either it's original felt or brand new cloth if you opt for it. The table will be completely level and playing perfect when it is finished. We offer a 1 year warranty on any service we provide to ensure that you are playing a perfect game for a long time.


We offer pool table moving services all over Maryland including Harford county, Cecil County, Carol County, Calvert County, St Mary's County, and Baltimore County. Inquire about moving your table with us, we guarantee you won't be disappointed!


Below is a sample of an extremely incorrect way of moving a pool table.