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Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!
Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!

We Buy Used Pool Tables

Chesapeake Billiards buys pool tables in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Areas we buy pool tables in;

  • Maryland
  • Northern Virginia
  • DC
  • Delaware
  • South East Pennsylvania

When contacting us about selling your pool table please email with images of your pool table. Do to the large volume of people looking to sell pool tables please only use the above email. No phone calls please.

  Typically we are looking for leather drop pocket pool tables, but we do buy all makes, brands, and sizes. Please keep in mind that we cannot always offer top dollar for your pool table. If your pool table is heavily used and shows wear we cannot always offer nearly as much as you sometimes may expect. Unlike selling private party we do need to pickup, recondition, and store the pool table we may be purchasing from you. We invest a certain amount into each used table we sell, we do not like to sell a table that is not in great condition, and if we purchase a used pool table from you we need to make sure it is, or will be in excellent condition at the time it is be sold. 

When contacting us about selling your pool table please have the following information available;

  • Size- Most pool tables are 7', 8' or 9' sometimes you may have a size that is in between, let us know when contacting us and we can evaluate our need for your exact size.
  • Brand- Popular brands are AMF, Brunswick, Connelly, Legacy, and Olhausen. There are over 100 brands of pool tables, we do buy any brand pool table as long as it has three individual pieces of slate. 
  • Age- Brunswick Billiard began manufacturing pool tables and billiard tables in 1845, since then pool tables have gone through countless engineering changes and upgrades. To properly gauge the value of your pool table we ask that you know the approximate age of your pool table.
  • Condition -Please be honest and forthright with the actual condition of your pool table, we usually offer a price over the phone or by email for your pool table sight unseen, the price is an estimate of what we can offer since we are not seeing the table in person. By letting us know about any and all damage to your pool table we can give you an honest estimate. We recommend also checking the cushion rubber of your pool table, dead cushions do cause us to offer less for a table since a considerable amount of labor goes into replacing the cushion rubber. To check your cushion rubber to see if it is in good shape please click here.