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Bandit Dart Board


The Bandit® is an innovative concept in board construction. For years, quality bristle boards have had a wire spider (16 SWG maximum) attached with staples. No matter how well made, the spider and the staples eliminated playing space and created bounce-outs.

Bandit technology from DMI has solved this problem. Instead of a wire spider stapled onto the face of the board, 'The Bandit' has thin, knifeedge steel bands embedded in the bristles of all divisions, leaving almost nothing to deflect the dart.

  • Divider bands, technically called 'knife bands', are interlocking stainless steel dividers thinner than 500 microns.
  • No staples! Because there is nothing to attach, there is no need for staples. Normal bristle boards use as many as 65 staples, contributing to bounce-outs.
  • Increased playing surface. By eliminating the spider and the staples, there is a significant increase of 10% in the scoring areas compared with conventional boards.
  • Bounce-outs virtually eliminated! Extensive testing has proven that bounce-outs are virtually eliminated. Bounce-outs now will be mostly deflections from darts already embedded in the board.
  • Better mounting system We have increased stability over traditional mounting systems and made it easier to hang and rotate the board.
  • Yes, the number ring is still wire, so it can be rotated periodically. And DMI's number ring has been specially powder-coated white to increase visibilty and reduce light reflection.


Board Dimensions: 18" x 1 1/2"