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Connelly Billiards Venetian Pool Table


Ornate, yet indisputably modern in its appearance and functionality, the Venetian is one of our most dynamic creations yet. 

Sprawling design, yet detailed metallic fixtures line each pocket. The Venetian features 2-inch American hardwood cabinets and diamond-honed 1.25 inch certified Tournament slate. 

Choose from a variety of woods and finishes and enjoy the Connelly Rapid Rail system, which comes standard in every model.

Beautiful Ebony exterior

Experience Connelly’s 4-bolt rail system which gives the player superior cushion dynamics

Optional Cortez or Scottsdale blinds available
Customizable, minted brass name-plated

6-inch rail surface with mother-of-pearl and Abalone sites to improve shooting hand stability

2-inch (8/4), Pre-milled thickness solid hardwood cabinets and crossbeams

1.25 inch thick, premium certified tournament slate