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Happy Holidays! Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables
Happy Holidays! Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables

Does your Pool Table Have Leather Pockets, Plastic Pockets, or a Ball Return?

 There are 100's of different manufacturers and 1000's of models that have been made over the years. Every pool table is different; sometimes slightly sometimes incredibly different. 

When we answer your request for a quote for service we typically ask for the brand, age, and size of the pool table, most of the time, understandably, you may not know the brand of pool table that you have. My follow up question has always been; "Does your pool table have leather pockets, plastic pockets, or a ball return system?". By asking these simple questions it immediately narrows down the type of pool table that you have. Below we have images of all three styles; leather pocket, plastic pocket, and ball return. Sometime your pool table may have both, like a leather pocket and a ball return but these simple questions really help give you an accurate quote to service your pool table. 

This is your typical leather drop pocket "furniture style pool table. Usually they will have four individual legs, sometimes carved, sometimes tapered. These tables 99% of the time are three piece slate.

This is a typical plastic drop pocket pool table, sometimes they can also have a ball return, some ball returns are much harder to work with than others, thus the reason we ask if it has a ball return. Plastic drop pocket pool tables were sold a lot at Montgomery Wards and Sear during the 70's and 80's. 

Almost every pool table you see in a bar or pool hall will have a ball return system. While these ball return systems are incredibly useful and work great they are much harder to work on then a typical drop pocket pool table. 

We like to ask as many questions as possible when quoting any and every job, sometimes we may even ask for pictures of the job itself in addition to pictures of the pool table. The more information we have before we arrive the less likely we will experience any "surprises" at the time your pool table service is scheduled.

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