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Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!
Free Local Delivery and Install on All In Stock Pool Tables Extended Through May!

Buying A Used Pool Table

Giving todays current financial marketplace a lot of families have decided to part with there pool table. Classifed ads in newspapers and on web sites are flooded with pool tables of every quality. We here at Chesapeake Billiards speak to dozens of individuals a week about there new potential investment. Here are a few things to consider when shopping for a used pool table.


A lot of individuals looking to sell there pool table really don't know exactly what they have. Sometimes it can help with negotiations on price, while other times they may think it is something that it is not. When looking at a used table always check for splits or cracks in the wood, check the bumpers to make sure they are firm but not rock hard, and look under the table to see if the slate is cracked anywhere. We see dead cushions rubber on about 60% of the pool tables we move, it can happen from just a poor quality bumper, poor conditions for the pool table, or direct sunlight beating on the cushion for a prolonger period. Replacing your bumpers requires that you replace your felt, and it is a bit costly on average of $400. By checking to see if they are "dead" beforehand you give yourself the ability to bargain a bit on the pool table itself.

Is it Slate ?

More times than I count we have ran into customers who believed they got a steal of a deal, but unless its on rare occasion, a $100 pool table is just that, cheap! It is really too good to be true, and a great way for manufacturers to cut production costs are to make non slate pool tables. Sometimes the fake particle wood or MDF (medium density fiberboard) will have fancier names like Slatetron or Slatecore. If it isn't simply called slate, it isn't slate. These fake playing surfaces warp over time and cannot be adjusted to play absolutely perfect like a true three piece slate bed.

Is it Three Piece Slate ?

Except for a select few one piece slate pool tables, a one piece slate won't ever play as well as a three piece slate. Three piece slate tables offer the ability to adjust the slate in multiple locations to offer a absolutely perfect playing experience. Over time a one piece slate bed can warp or crown, and since it is one piece it is virtually impossible to correct the issue. With a three piece slate bed we can adjust almost any issue that would arise with a crown or warped piece. Another issue that arises with a one piece slate bed is the ability to actually move it. We here at Chesapeake Billiards do not offer moving services for one piece slate pool tables. You may ask why? The reason being that the beds typically weigh about 450 lbs and are one solid piece, since the piece is one piece it has to be carries vertically, or on edge. So the slate just became that much more cumbersome and heavy, add that with it being a 7 ft. piece of rock and it becomes a large dangerous object. Giving the homes in our area we do pool tables in a lot of basements we cannot run the risk of ever losing one of those type slate beds down a flight of stairs.

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