Are we having a Memorial Day sale?


Retailers traditionally offer "Special Sale Pricing" during peak holidays. They do this by setting prices high enough throughout the year that they can then "lower" them from time to time, thus concentrating periods of peak sales. This forces consumers to buy what retailers want them to buy...and when.

We have a simpler philosophy. We try to maintain very competitive prices all year long, and don't compel our customers to make a purchase until they're ready. After all, we're consumers as well, and we don't appreciate "hard sell" tactics. So we don't use them on our customers. We believe that you should have time to make up your mind without any added pressure. So go around. If you have questions, we'll do our best to answer them. All of them. And when you're ready to make a decision, we hope you'll make it at Chesapeake Billiards. We'll do our best to see to it that you're satisfied with your purchase.

So, yes, we're having a sale. 365 days a year! Great products. Fair prices. No pressure.

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  • Chris Shanklin