Valhalla VA 915

Product Description

Valhalla VA915

North American Hard Rock Maple | Pro Taper Shaft with 12.75 Premium Laminated Tip | Michigan Maple Forearm / Sleeve | Hustler Style Joint | High Res Multi-Color Point Transfers | 5/16 x 18 Joint | Viking Weight Bolt System

Behold Valhalla. Created by the engineers at Viking, Valhalla cues bring high-tech performance and killer style to a single, powerful tool. Concentrated knowledge and hard-won insights explain the inner science. All Valhalla cues come with a LIFETIME WARRANTY against manufacturing defects, including warpage.


Tip: Premium Leather
Ferrule: High Impact Resin
Wrap: None
Shaft: North American Hard Rock Maple
Taper: Strong Taper
Finish: Ultra-violet Urethane
Forearm: North American Hard Rock Maple
Joint: Hustler Style
Pin: Stainless Steel
Butt Plate: Stainless Steel
Bumper: Rubber
Warranty: Lifetime, including warpage


About Valhalla Joint Styles

2016 Valhalla Cues may not be compatible with certain Non-Viking (aftermarket) performance shafts
2016 Valhalla Cues use 5/16 x 18 Joint*

* With Exception, VA705, VA704, VA703 piloted 5/16 x 18 QR Joint

All additional/replacement shafts for Valhalla cues will be Viking Performance Shafts with a 5/16 x 18 joint

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